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The therapeutic approach of osteopathy draws on the sciences - anatomy, biomechanics, neurology, physiology, pathology - but also on a person's inner energy which he or she may not know how to express.

Osteopathy owes its originality to the absence of any instruments between the practitioner and his patient.

Osteopathy is not only about a curative approach to pain; it is also about finding the source of the dysfunction causing the pain.

Once the zone restricting articular, visceral or tissue mobility is located, the osteopath uses his expertise to restore the body's functional balance.

It is through treatment of the cause or causes, rather than the consequences, that the osteopath achieves convincing results and finds a sustainable balance. Looking beyond the symptom, the osteopath takes an interest in the body's history and its oldest traumas, which sometimes go unnoticed.

Each osteopath is unique, his talent the result of a subtle combination of personal experience, personality, perception and the intrinsic qualities gained through rich life experience, making some practitioners better and more effective than others!

Above all, a true osteopath knows how to be accessible and compassionate.

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